The flag team

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MICHAEL KNIGHT (David Hasselhoff)
michaelMichael Knight is an ex-police officer and was a field operative for the Foundation for Law and Government from 1982 to 1990. Born Michael Long, he changed his identity after being shot in the line of duty and presumed dead. Michael Knight was then teamed with the Knight Industries 2000 (KITT).

He left the Foundation in 1990 for retirement, but has been willing to return on occasion to assist his old friends.


DEVON MILES (Edward Mulhare)
devonDevon Miles is the head of the Foundation for Law and Government. A good friend of the late Wilton Knight, Miles took over when Wilton passed away in 1982. He would use the vast resources of FLAG to assist field operatives, such as Michael Knight, whenever possible. Devon sat on the Knight Foundation's Board of Directors, and was one of three people in the world who knew two of the three major components for the Molecular Bonded Shell.


BONNIE BARSTOW (Patricia McPherson)
bonnieBonnie Barstow was the lead design engineer for Knight Industries, joining shortly after the initial creation of the Knight Industries 2000 (KITT). Although not an original designer for the 2000 series, she routinely repaired, modified, and upgraded the vehicle's onboard systems, including the creation of Super-Pursuit Mode. She normally asisted in field missions while operating out of the FLAG Mobile Unit. She left in 1983 for one year to pursue graduate studies.


APRIL CURTIS (Rebecca Holden)
aprilApril Curtis assumed the position that Bonnie Barstow held, in 1983 for one year, as Barstow wished to pursue other interests. This position included being the head of the Knight Industries design team, and performing any technological duties that the Knight Industries 2000 (KITT) would require. She also was an assistant field operative, and a personal assistant to Devon Miles.


rc3Also known as RC3. Joined the Foundation in 1985 after assisting the team while on a mission. He was first encountered by Michael in the streets of a rough neighborhood and called himself the "Street Avenger", an indication of his vow to fight street crime. Devon liked the man and offered him a job at the Foundation. He has various jobs at FLAG, ranging from driving the semi to actually participating during some missions.


WILTON KNIGHT (Richard Basehart)
wiltonWilton Knight was a visionary. He wanted to do everything in his power to improve his world, and he dedicated the last years of his life and all his resources to founding an organization designed to promote good and defeat evil. The result was the Foundation for Law and Government, and the initiation of the Knight Industries project.