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K.I.T.T.'s computer functions divide into three parts: what K.I.T.T. is already programmed to do, such as his speaking ability, what it can do on the spur of the moment and what Bonnie can program it to do.

Since K.I.T.T. cannot take independent action unless on Surveillance Mode, any functions it can perform in the field have to be directed by Michael. Some of these functions include tapping into (via telephone lines) any computer.
Inside the car, activated by vocal command from Michael. A kind of force field in that K.I.T.T. can use this to detect any movement, person or vehicle within a 100 yard radius.

Inside the car, activated by either pressing a button on the dash or vocal command. This allows K.I.T.T. to drive by itself.

Basic equipment set up on the dash. Like any TV-video player, these perform instant replay, zoom-ins, freeze frames, playbacks etc. Also K.I.T.T. can punch up visuals on people, any kind of photographs, video maps or displays, etc.

Activated with a button on the dash. This puts K.I.T.T. hot on the tail of whatever Michael is chasing.

A button on the dash. This enables K.I.T.T. to fly and, hopefully, crash through something.

The red light in front of the car. K.I.T.T. can use this to x-ray anything within a reasonable general vicinity. This light also is on whenever K.I.T.T. is in Surveillance Mode, Automatic or Pursuit Mode.

Activated on vocal command, located somewhere under the hood. This allows K.I.T.T. (via the monitor screens) to track any heat source, such as a vehicle's engines.

Grappling hook, outside the car, activated by voice command; Oxygen supply, inside the car, activated by pressing buttons on the roof; Microwave Jammers, activated on vocal command, located under the hood, used to unlock doors, knock out security systems, telephone lines, etc.; Vital Sign Scanner, located under the hood, used to check out blood pressure and heart rate, activated by voice command or K.I.T.T. alone.