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What is Knight Rider ?
Knight Rider was a tv show, invented by Glen A. Larson, that first aired on NBC from September 1982 to April 1986. It started on Friday night and was later moved to Sunday night. It was a show about an incredible car that could talk and David Hasselhoff who played Michael Knight.

K.I.T.T. (Knight Industries Two Thousand) was the most sophisticated car in the world at the time. It could talk, think and drive itself among various other things. The show was canceled in 1986 by NBC because the ratings declined and people were no longer watching.

The show had 84 episodes in total, of which six were two hours in length. The show had a high budget for the time and most of the special effects were sophisticated and required stunt drivers. The show became so big, the Pontiac that was used in the show became high demand. The car was also referred to as a black T-top.

Who is Glen A. Larson ?
The creator of the Knight Rider series is Glen A. Larson. He started out as a popsinger with the Four Preps and later became a writer-producer at Universal Studios. He has also developed many other TV shows such as Buck Rogers In The 25th Century and The Fall Guy. He did not approve of the Knight Rider 2000 movie in 1991, because he thought it missed the point of the original series. He wrote the first episode Knight of the Phoenix and produced the show for four years.

Are there any Knight Rider books ?
There are 5 books in total written by Glen A Larson and Roger Hill. Three of them are US publications and two seem to be coming from the UK. Titles are : Knight Of The Phoenix, Trust Doesn't Rust, Hearts Of Stone, The 24-Carat Assassin and Mirror Image.