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GARTHE KNIGHT (David Hasselhoff)
garthGarthe was Wilton's son, who Wilton turned his back on after he was sentenced to three life terms in an African prison. Garthe and Elizabeth Knight were always plotting against Wilton and Devon Miles. Michael's face was constructed in Garthe's image by Wilton. Garthe almost destroyed K.I.T.T. with Goliath in a head on collision in the second season premiere. Garthe breaks out from prison in Goliath Returns and terrorizes Devon and April. Garthe feels Michael is a "disgrace to his existence"

karrThe Knight Automated Roving Robot or K.A.R.R. for short, is the prototype for K.I.T.T. Because of faulty programming the car lacks the ability to preserve human life. He was decommissioned and put in the Knight Museum. When face to face, K.I.T.T. and K.A.R.R. are identical in every way. K.A.R.R. refers to K.I.T.T. as "an inferior production line copy"


goliathGoliath is a huge semi that was coated with the Molecular Bonded Shell and used to secure missiles at Red Bluff. Goliath and K.I.T.T. went head to head and K.I.T.T. was badly damaged. Goliath is virtually indestructable and K.I.T.T. often avoided confrontations with the vehicle.


elizabethElizabeth Knight is Wilton's ex-wife and mother to Garthe and Jennifer. She helped Garthe while he was locked away in an African prison. She appears in Goliath and gets the formula for the Molecular Bonded Shell in order to coat Goliath. Devon used to be friends with her, but he was drugged by her to get the component of the MBS.