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Knight of the Phoenix
Officer Michael Arthur Long is shot in the line of duty by industrial spy Tanya Walker. He is saved by dying millionaire Wilton Knight, and is given a new face and new identity as lone crusader Michael Knight.
Wilton's long time dream was to have one man and one car solving crimes and helping people who were victims of criminals acting above the law.

Wilton and Michael shared a mutual enemy in Tanya Walker , and enabled Michael to go after her once and for all. Michael was partnered with the Knight Industries Two Thousand (K.I.T.T), a super car that can talk,jump through the air,reach unheard of speeds,drive itself,and be virtually indestructible,,as well as many other features.

Devon Miles, Wilton's right hand man, and executive director of Wilton's Foundation For Law And Government after Wilton's death Michael 's boss, who provides support for Michael , who when out in the field , find himself having to take matters into his own hands Together, Michael and K.I.T.T join together on their mission to fight criminals who operate above the law.

When Michael learns about KITT he is very disturbed in the fact it would make decisions's for him it grew Michael disliking KITT from there 2nd road trip but he grows his trust and care in KITT within the episode.